Tuesday, January 20, 2009

phantoms are hot

I'm hoping I'm not the only musical geek out there, but if I am, I guess this post is for my own satisfaction. Phantom of the Opera is coming to LA in January. Who's excited? I am. This one is one of those staple musicals that everyone has heard about even though they might despise theatre, and music, and singing, and having to follow the story line through song (yes, I know someone who hates musical for that sole factor). It is a cult classic of musicals, if you will. 

Bonus points - I just discovered a new feature on the BroadwayLA site. You can purchase discounted tickets if you're willing to sit on the sides of the theatre. Tickets can be as low as $31.75. Two more catches though, the tickets are only good for Tues-Thurs night performances and it's a type of season pass, meaning you have to buy at least 4 shows. 

January 21 - February 21 @ Pantages Theater
Los Angeles, CA

So if you're wanting to check out the show or the deal here are the links:

Phantom of the Opera     

Super Saver Season Package     

And yes, I have seen Wicked - twice.

Catch ya on the flip side ya'll. 

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